I love Simone Brummelhuis, the ever energetic founder of thenextwomen.com. She does an awesome thing in promoting females in tech so when she popped me an email asking if I would write a guest post for her covering Tech Crunch Europe’s Xmas Crunch, it was with both delight and honour that I accepted. It might mean meeting a lot of interesting people, drinking a lot of wine and hanging out at a most desirable location, yet in the name of advancing women I felt I’d just have to grin and bear that…

Rather than take back from Simone what she’s posted on her fantastic portal and republish it here, I’m going to ask you savour it’s full delights where it belongs at http://thenextwomen.com/2009/12/18/tech-crunch-xmas-crunch-the-best-ideas-sharing-with-a-list-it-innovators/

Big thanks to everyone for all the retweets on it. Part II – the personal stuff – will be released when Simone posts it.