Thanks to Mike Butcher and Coadec, I wrote my MP prior to the Digital Britain Bill being passed. I just thought I’d be open for everyone to see the response I got back from Mr Stephen Hammond MP.

DEBill Letter from Stephen Hammond MP

Stephen has written me in the past on several matters, mainly business and environment. I’m glad he takes the time to provide an answer. It might cost him less if he emailed rather than used nice paper and envelopes as I know from the flurry of Conservative Campaign emails I’ve had, he has my digital contact details. That to me sums up the DEBill debacle. The jewel in the nation’s economy is our fast growing tech sector. And yet rules about it’s future are being written and decided by those who aren’t even using a fraction of it’s potential.

Let’s hope that the devil will be in the details when they start to go through them and that greater debate is tabled to see this addressed.