The following email was sent by Jeff Pulver, Casting Director of #140conf. Follow the instructions in it to contact Jeff directly if you have an interesting idea to table:

As the 140 Characters Conference Casting Director, I am putting out call for Characters/Speakers/Sponsors for the Fall 2010 Season.

Whether you recognize it or not or are apart of the social revolution of our times or want to know more or be a part of it or want to be a sponsor – I would like to personally invite you join us at one of our gatherings – 140conf is a fluid ever evolving growing living being – it has a life of its own and has become a gathering place, a crossroads to the future of “we” the future.

Since the June 2009 launch of the 140 Characters Conference, #140conf has provided a platform for people to share their perspectives on the effects of the emerging real-time internet on both business and on people. To date, #140conf has taken place in New York City (twice), Los Angeles, London and Tel Aviv and special editions of #140conf took place at MWC in Barcelona and at SXSW in Austin, TX. Next month, I’ll be producing a special event in Washington on June 17.

In September 2010, I will be bringing a one day #140conf to Boston, and in October #140conf will be returning to as a two day event in Los Angeles and as a one day event in London. I am now looking for people who are interested in sharing their voices and perspectives at the upcoming events in: Boston, Los Angeles and London.

When I started working on the first #140conf, the original intent was to produce an event that explored the effects of twitter on: Celebrity, “The Media”, Advertising and Politics. What #140conf has turned into is an event which explores the effects of the emerging real-time internet on both business and “we” the people. It turns out, the emerging real-time internet continues to effect an ever growing number of industries. In 2010 some of the topics covered at the #140conf include: Education, Music, Charity, Fashion, Politics, Finance, Journalism, Marketing, Television, Emergency Communications, Media, Celebrity, Entertainment, Advertising, Love & Romance, Location Based Services, Radio, Comedy, Legacy, Humanity, Comic Books, Privacy, Book Authors and a lot more.

The people who I curate to speak at #140conf are people of passion; people who have something to share about the effects of the emerging real-time internet on something they have been or will be effected by. I look for speakers interested in sharing their voice and vision. While you may have noticed some high profile people such as Wyclef Jean, Ivanka Trump or Donny Deutsch speak, I’ve also had an ex-convict, an 8th grade class and the homeless on the same stage.

What I don’t offer is a chance for people to directly promote products or Services, but a chance to promote a cause, to share an observation and a stage for some people to be discovered. I use the metaphor of my title as Casting Director with intent, for I am strong believer that #140conf can be a powerful new medium to reach millions of people via the social web and traditional media coverage which we are also attracting.

To get a better feeling of what to expect from the #140conf experience, please visit: and watch any number of the videos from the recent conference.

In addition to the scheduled conferences, there are also monthly gatherings held in NYC and elsewhere where we discuss the real-time internet. I am looking for speakers for these events as well. Pleasesee: for a schedule of upcoming #140conf meetups.

If you are interested in speaking on the #140conf stage, please visit: and share the details about your preferredtalk.

Feel free to recommend others who you are friendly with who I should consider reaching out to. Individual talks at #140conf run about 10 minutes and panel discussions are set for 15 / 20 minutes.

Companies interested in promoting themselves, their brands, their products and services are encouraged to become one of the #140conf event sponsors. The New York event was broadcast on Ustream and attracted over 100,000 viewers. Please email: jeff —  at — 140conf  — dot– com for more information.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards, Jeff

p.s. Please read and you will understand why I felt flying cross-country for the 3 hr #140conf LA Meetup on Monday night was so worth while